Lyndsey and Ford are two of the most beautiful souls you could ever come across.  The love they have for one another is truly something admirable.  Lyndsey has this calming and gentle presence (me being a hyper spaz I LOVE being around people like this) and Ford has this endless wit and a mischievous sparkle in his eyes.  During their getting ready photos I remember laughing endlessly, my camera shaking with the movement as I documented the moments leading up to when they would see each other for the first time before they officially became husband and wife.

This sunny August day was one of those days where the happiness was tangible.  The combination of the magic of Mohonk Mountain House and these two surrounded by their loved ones was a true dream come true and a memory we will always treasure.

If you have never been to Mohonk, do yourself a favor and go.  Go now, go tomorrow, go this weekend.  Whatever you do, just go. It is my real life equivalent of wonderland consisting of multiple gardens, a majestic lake, fences like sculptures, ponds, endless hiking trails, overlooks, and mini gazebos perched on top of rocks.

Lyndsey looked radiant in a two piece Watters BHLDN gown consisting of the Maelin Corset and the Priya Skirt.  Ford looked totally sharp in his Bespoke – Alan David Custom suit and Goorin Bros fedora.  Her hair was an elegant updo by Anne Mood of Shapers in New Paltz, NY and her make up by Allison Demorest of The Green Room was delicate and ethereal.  The Green Cottage absolutely nailed the flowers – Lyndsey’s bouquet being one of my favorite of all time.  Overflowing greenery with hints of eucalyptus, garden roses, dahlias, and dusty miller.  It was the perfect aesthetic for the mountain house.  Carrie of Events That Matter was a total godsend as the wedding coordinator.  She is another one of those calming presence people – one who will make sure your day goes smoothly all while enjoying every minute of it.

Ford proposed to Lyndsey on her favorite beach in Montauk and they were engaged for a while before diving into planning right away but decided in April of that year that they wanted their wedding to take place in August – they planned their entire wedding in just a matter of months.  It was not a stressful experience, but a blissful one.  They were married by Ford’s childhood & family Rabbi (Rabbi Koster – a strong and beautiful woman) who’s ceremony was personal, intimate, emotional, and beautiful.  They exchanged their wedding rings (created by the amazing Steve Meskowitz of Jewelry Therapy) amongst tears of joy.  They entered and exited to the sounds of the immensely talented string trio – Hudson Pro Musica.

Cocktail hour took place on the second floor wrap around porch of the mountain house to the sounds of the trio and views of Lake Mohonk.  Their afternoon reception was a total celebration of their love and fun was had by all.  Along with the beautiful florals, tables were adorned with little jars of hand poured maple syrup from Sugar Brook Maple Farms of Kerhonkson, NY as favors.  Following their reception they had a bon fire on the other side of the lake as the sun set over the mountain house.  Guests roasted marshmallows, drank pink lemonade, sat on rocks, and enjoyed each others company.  The night ended with Lyndsey and Ford standing in the lake at dark, sky glowing with stars behind them – now husband and wife and ready for their journey ahead.

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Venue : Mohonk Mountain House // Dress: Watters via BHLDN  // Suit : Bespoke // Suit Shop & Tie : Alan David Custom // Fedora : Goorin Bros. // Flowers : The Green Cottage // Planner & Coordinator : Events That Matter // Officiant : Rabbi Koster // Ceremony & Cocktail Musicians : Hudson Pro Musica // DJ : DJ Bishop // Cake : Mohonk Mountain House // Hair : Anne Mood of Shapers (New Paltz, NY) // Make Up : Allison Demorest of The Green Room (Gardiner, NY) // Jewelry : The Pearl Factory (San Francisco) // Rings : Steve Moskowitz of Jewelry Therapy (Midtown West NYC) // Favors : Sugar Brook Maple Farms (Kerhonkson, NY) //