What I really wanted to name this post was “Equine Surgeons in Love” like the song “Lawyers in Love” because there aren’t very many of these veterinarians in the world and these two managed to study this very specific field and that is how they met.  Adorable, we know.

I (Caitlinn) met Daria at her friend Andrea & Eric’s wedding whom I was photographing (two super magical people).  I felt like we were instant friends.  She is one of those beautiful people who is 100% themselves – 100% of the time.  I am drawn to people like this.  Daria radiates this.  After speaking for a few minutes we began discussing that we were both engaged to “foreigners” and the whole adorable yet difficult situation this can be.  Her foreigner was Matt – from England, and of course my foreigner was Brian – from South Africa.  We vaguely discussed her wedding and I was secretly hoping I could photograph it because I knew it would be so much fun.  Fast forward to a short time later and Daria contacted us about shooting her wedding – which of course I was super excited about.

Their wedding took place at Montauk Lake Club – a.k.a. a super relaxed and magical place with a gorgeous view of Montauk Lake and situated perfectly to view a killer sunset.  Matt was fortunate to have a good amount of family attend the wedding and it was like a getaway for everyone attending.  Brian and I even stayed the night and ate dinner on a beach we walked to next to our hotel.  Everyone was so relaxed, ate and drank to their hearts content, enjoyed Daria & Matt’s Bourbon Bar, and took in the beautiful sites on Montauk.  We are so unbelievably happy for these two and wish they didn’t live many states away so we could hang out with them on a semi-regular basis.

Their love story in Daria’s words.  Read on for international rendezvous and a proposal in the rose garden of a palace.  Yes, your American eyes read that right.  A palace.

How you met:

Matt and I met as externs during our final year of vet school at an equine practice called Hagyard Equine Medical Center in Lexington, KY.  We quickly became friends.  When we both found out that we got the internship there after graduating veterinary school.  We started off as friends for the first part of the internship, and over time our friendship just turned into a real fondness for each other.  It became quickly evident to me that he was who I wanted to spend my whole life with.

How you got engaged:

At the end of the first year of my residency, we took a trip to go see his parents in England before they headed to the middle east to live.  I had met his parents before, but never been over there with him so I was excited to spend some time in his home and with his family.  Most girls would think that this was going to be the time–but my sister was engaged and was due to get married that year–so I just thought it was off the table for another year.  So, I was completely surprised.  Once I landed in England (he had traveled separately), we relaxed for a day and then he suggested we go see some culture.  We took his parents car and drove to a place called Blenheim Palace.  We walked around the palace looking at all of the architecture and history when he suggested we go for a walk to see the rose garden.  It was a very hot day for some reason—but he was wearing a coat.  I urged him multiple times to take it off because he MUST have been roasting.  Come to found out the ring was in the pocket–so, hence the jacket.  We walked into the rose garden and it was beautiful.  As we walked around the perimeter, we came around the corner and there was a bench with I think a man or a bag on it (I can’t remember).  He grumbled “Why are they on that bench!”.  I looked at him, curious as to why he cared about who was sitting on some random bench.  Then it literally all hit me—somethings about to go down and by the powers of deduction—it must be….Then before I knew it he was down on one knee asking me to marry him and of course, I mildly blacked out with surprise, shock and happiness!  I always told him I didn’t have any idea in my mind of how I wanted him to do it—I just wanted it to be a surprise.  I was glad it was intimate and just he and I really.

Your wedding day priorities:

My wedding day priorities was a relaxed, beautiful setting, where people felt like they were getting away and it wasn’t just for a quick event.  I really focused on making sure there was good food, plenty of alcohol (it IS a party after all) and good music.  The rest was really just details.  I did have a bourbon bar as a little reminder of where we met in KY.

Your favorite wedding day memories:

There are too many.  Some of the things that stand out in my mind are that Matt was by my side the whole day—and thats exactly what I wanted.  We had an amazing time taking pictures and just being in love and savoring the moment.  Caitlinn and Brian really have a way of not only being amazing photographers–but awesome people who you are happy to share the experience with.  I loved having EVERYONE of my family and friends in the same place–and for him as well.  It was the best party!  We were engaged for about 2 years through some tough residency times—so it felt like we were not only celebrating our marriage and moving forward with our lives together, but having a party for everyone special in our lives who helped us get to where we were.

Now for photos!

Venue :  Montauk Lake Club

Dress : Augusta Jones

Dress Shop : Kleinfeld Bridal

Hair & Make Up : M.A.L.I. Make Up & Hair Services – Huntington & Greenlawn, Long Island

Suit : Neal & Palmer – London, England

Bridesmaids dresses : BHLDN, Adrianna  Papell

Flowers : Strawberry Fields Flowers – Montauk, NY

Cake : Jackie’s Cake Boutique

Band : Silver Arrow Band

Instrumentals : Jane Hastay & Associates

Officiant : Father Thomas Murray 

Church : St. Therese of Lisieux Church

Stationery : Cristina Wade Design

Rings : Family rings passed down!!!