Megan & Josh are the go to hospitable and  fun loving couple for all who know them.  I realized how special they were when I first met them on the day of their engagement shoot.  We spent the day exploring Central Park with their English Bull Dog  – Lola (Lola Blue Pumpkin Spice).  At the end of the day they invited me up to their apartment for some food and drinks.  Megan remembered that I did not eat meat and she instantly had a platter of veggies and hummus out for me to snack on (my FAVORITE) and it meant the world to me.  They have an energy and smiles that are contagious and when around them you always feel like there is about to be a reason to celebrate.

Fast forward to the end of summer to their wedding at the New York Botanical Garden, also known as heaven.  As you know I like the photographs to speak for the day, but I’ll give a summary of events.

  1. First look on the rooftop of the Empire Hotel.
  2. Photographs and fun at the NYBG. FLOWERS FLOWERS EVERYWHERE.
  3. A magical Ceremony.
  4. Kick ass Cocktail Hour.
  5. One of the absolute rowdiest and most fun parties I have ever had the pleasure to document.

Their love story in Megan’s words:
“Josh and I met in high school. He was (and currently still is) best friends with my sister Katie. They were in the same grade and classes together so I knew him and he knew me by association. Kate and I worked in a bakery in high school, Anna’s, and Josh would always come in at nights end with his friends to say “Hi to Kate” and get the days end of sprinkle cookies. What I didn’t know was that he was coming in to see me 😊 needless to say one day Kate came home from work to find Josh and I eating Ellios pizza and watching Remember the Titans…two kindred spirits. 13+ years later and the rest is history 💏
We dated all through high school, college, first jobs, etc and last August decided to make it official, as you well know. In truth, I think Josh just wanted an excuse to have dance offs all night…”

(And many dance offs were had during their amazing reception with energy that lasted the entire night thanks to New York City Swing.)

I truly feel like I have made life long friends from my photographic experiences with them. During their vows to each other Megan said that Josh is someone who is fun and genuinely cares about other people. While Josh said the same about Megan and that she is an amazing cook and the finest hostess anyone could ask for.
Personally the wedding was everything a photographer could ask for. A beautiful bride and groom, gorgeous bridal party, and pure kindness from everyone involved.
Photographically there is nothing better than a first look atop the Empire Hotel with the Manhattan skyline as the backdrop. Then to go a little north to the New York Botanical Gardens -the most beautifully designed and kept gardens in the world. Nothing compares to the combination of these two contrasting locations with completely different and totally equal beauty.
I was very lucky to work with such a talented group of people that made this wedding the total dream that it was – Michael Livsey on hair, Dunique Wonderland on Make Up, By Yena Designs on florals, and the always impressive Stephen Starr Events.