It is no secret that we love backyard weddings.  In fact, they may be our favorite.  A backyard farmhouse wedding with multiple beautifully peeling paint covered sheds?  Even better.

Their getting ready locations were both historic farm houses on the same road as their own home.  Each was beautiful and unique and oozing with the most amazing architecture.  At Libby’s location she was even visited by some chickens while she and her friends explored the property with us for some photographs.  Keir’s location was such a magical small stone house.  Him and his friends were in the best of spirits and as every minute went by I began to get more excited about the day.  As we walked with Keir and his friends down the street to the ceremony location – Libby drove by (in the back seat crouching down so he could not see her) and his friends surrounded him to make a human wall.  Good friends indeed.

Their wedding space was filled with small sculptures hanging from the trees & a yarn installation created between two large trees on the property.  The rainy day light made the brightly colored art really pop in the natural surroundings.

Libby arrive to the ceremony in her first (and she says possibly her last) car – a classic maroon Mercedes.  Rain was in the forecast but held off until the middle of their cocktail hour.  Poured for a bit, and then came to halt when it was time for a firework display put on by their dear friend Taylor.

Their first dance was to a song THEY wrote together – performed by a jazz quartet made up of some of their closest friends.

Guests were served brick oven pizza pumping out of the mobile pizza station.  People enjoyed drinks and each other as they waited in line for a slice or two.  People enjoyed corn hole (a game I have STILL never played), multiple live music performances, good food, and great company.  Their naked wedding cake topped with powdered sugar and strawberries was absolutely glorious.

Libby and Keir are a truly special and wonderful couple.  They both have this calming presence that I had the feeling they had possibly 0 stress while planning their wedding.  (Is that even possible?  It may have been for them.)  Their wedding was such a culmination of their love for each other and the friends and family they hold so dear.  If you did not know, you would guess every single guest has known each other and had been friends for their entire lifetimes.  There was such a natural flow with their interactions and genuine happiness for Keir & Libby.

In Libby’s Words:

Your Love Story: “My pastor and our officiant described us well. You can hear some of it in our wedding video. Something about it developing slowly, naturally, our connection as musicians, etc…”

Your Proposal: “We got officially engaged in Lake Placid in January 2014, after a Winter rain storm followed by the polar vortex plunging temperatures below zero. We had been planning it for a few months though, and designed a ring together with Hummingbird Jewelers in Rhinebeck repurposing a diamond from my grandmother’s ring.”

Wedding Day Priorities: “It all came together pretty naturally without a lot of forcing or micromanaging, or need for perfection. During the planning phase we made decisions and moved on. It felt like us. I’m proud that we pulled it off and kept in our budget, with the help of friends and family.”

Details Special to You Both:

“-The arrival in my classic Mercedes was really special to me. It was my first car and I suspect it will be my last. My friend Nate Kimball who found the car for me also drove me to the ceremony that day. Plus, we’re both car nuts so it was appropriate. 

-It was really special to have the wedding in our backyard, on a road that my family has been living on for 4+ generations. Getting ready in locally historic homes was part of that experience. Keir and I got to spend the night in the 1807 stone house where he got ready. 

-I was so happy about the music and how it evolved throughout the day. Props to Keir for orchestrating all of that and keeping it a surprise from me! Plus, he had the jazz quartet learn a song Keir and I wrote called Sontaag Walzer. It was our first dance.

-Having everyone together on one day is uniquely special. From all aspects of life – family on both sides, musician friends, high school friends, etc… I had my Vassar and Bard contingents. Every one mixing and meeting while waiting in line for pizza.

-Our fireworks were done by our fireworks-crazed friend from SC, Taylor Davis. You should have seen his eyes light up when we first asked him if he could do them for us.”

How you decided or didn’t decide who would be in your bridal party?: “It was pretty obvious to me. They were my closest friends from growing up (which I count through college). They have all become friends with each other over the years, so it’s a special crew. It expanded a bit based on who was renting the 1770 house and who was crashing there because it was the fun house. I was fine with that. Our whole guest list expanded over time because we wanted to include everyone.

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Accomodations & Libby’s Getting Ready Location : Thornwood Guesthouse

Their Pre-Wedding Night Stay & Keir’s Getting Ready Location : The Stone House 1807

Planner : Maiko Hata

Dress : David’s Bridal Sale Rack (yeah girl!)

Belt : Anthropologie

Libby’s Shoes : Remix Vintage Balboa in Gold Metallic

Hair & Make Up : Lush Eco Salon

Suit : Ted Baker

Flowers : Keir’s Mother w/ the help of friends provided by Taliaferro Farms

Wood Fired Pizza : Victoria’s Wood Fired Pizza

Cake : The Alternative Baker

Officiant : Rev. Howard Major (he also baptized and christened Libby!)

Sculpture & Installation Artist : Sydney Cash, with help from his son Elliot

Tent : Hudson Valley Tent

BANDS : Friends & Fellow Musicians – Coordinated by Keir

Ceremony Cello : Russick Smith

Reception Solo Jazz Guitar : David Chernis

Jazz Quartet : Janine Ouderkirk, Nick Kopp, Brian Fores, & Di Gomes

Rock Band/Dance Party: Members of the Bloodletters & Black Horse Riders (Roland Hasbrouk, Taylor Davis, Alan Macaluso, Weezer Miles, & Rick Birmingham)