Julia & Mark…what can I say?  To this day one of the most love/fun filled weddings we have ever experienced.  These two have traveled the world together, lived in Arizona, and most importantly…continue to make each other laugh.  They look at each other with this feeling of love and pride for one another.

Mark and Julia met in undergrad at Boston University. They dated for almost two years in Boston, then Mark went to medical school in his hometown of Tucson, AZ. After a year of dating long distance while Julia finished grad school in Boston, Julia moved out to Tucson for two years. Mark proposed to Julia on a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Barbara before they moved to Providence, RI the following summer. While wedding planning, Mark and Julia fell in love with the Pavilion on Crystal Lake in Connecticut because it was the perfect spot out in the woods with a water view. They wanted to plan a relaxed wedding where they could spend time celebrating with their wonderful friends and family!

During their first look, two young girls (who were on a canoe in the middle of a lake ALONE) saw Julia and gravitated toward her.  The amazement on their faces of seeing a bride was so absolutely magical.  They asked to hug her, hold her flowers, have a photograph taken with her, and just stare at her in awe.

This wedding will always have a special place in my heart due to the overwhelming amount of love in the atmosphere between everyone.  On weddings it is always said that two families are becoming one – this day you could truly *feel* this.

Highlights of the day include :

  • THEM (of course).
  • The GORGEOUS location.
  • Julia’s beautiful bouquet.
  • Her brothers playing their processional music & their heartfelt and beautiful speeches dedicated to their sister and new brother.
  • Recipe & custom wooden spoon favors.
  • Ceremony bubbles.
  • The canoe girls.
  • Fun love bridal party.
  • The bridesmaid’s serenading Julie & Mark with a song from Grease.
  • The best and silliest dang dancing you could imagine. (See for yourself.)