Jennifer & James were married on a freak 65 degree mid-December day at The Roundhouse in my (Caitlinn’s) hometown of Beacon, NY.  I always like to share my account of this property to our clients getting married there.  As a kid – I walked passed the property every day on my way to school, over the bridge afraid I was going to fall in like all kids do, onwards by the brick shell of a totally collapsed and condemned factory building.  Little did I know – fast forward 20+ years and The Roundhouse would be what it is today.

This couple truly holds a special place in our hearts.  They are some of the kindest, most wonderful people we have ever met.  We are so happy to have met them, documented their wedding and engagement, and now have the honor of considering them to be our friends.

Their wedding was a total glamorous, happy, and love filled event that had, hands down, one of the best parties we have ever witnessed (which their band – EV Band – had a HUGE part in).  Jen’s Inbal Dror dress was the most show stopping dramatic gown we have ever encountered & Jim’s custom BLUE SUIT was definitely a favorite.  They both went SO well with The Roundhouse’s industrial & natural hybrid location.  The bridesmaid’s were aglow in gold sequined Rent the Runway gowns and groomsmen wore their own dapper tuxedos.

Fun fact (See below for photo) – CHRISTMAS CAROLERS came and sang to Jen, Jim, and their bridal party while we were photographing them.  One of these Christmas Carolers was one of our future groom’s who’s own wedding was a total love festival in September in the Catskills (9 months away from this day) – their wedding to be blogged within the next few months.

LOVE STORY!! (Words and story provided by the bride!)

How they met:

“We met while both working at Merrill Lynch in NYC and were just colleagues for a couple of years before anything happened.  Jim actually invited me for “work” drinks a few times and I said “no!” (3 times total!).  Anyway, I finally said yes and we had very innocent drinks at a bar in the city, however I then started realizing that I did like him.  Eventually I broke up with my ex-boyfriend (which I knew it was ending for several months prior to Jim being in the picture) and the “work” drinks turned into dates etc etc.  At first I was a bit nervous since I am a Latin girl with the big loud family and Jim is the all american guy from Philly.  Although we grew up in such different worlds somehow we were raised so similar and our families are also so similar that it was just meant to be.  Writing this to you know is even more special that we are expecting our baby girl in May and will raise her with the same values our parents raised us with.”

How he proposed:

“We dated for 7 years before he finally popped the question! lol I knew it was happening because I was involved in the picking of the ring etc (because Jim is smart enough to know I needed to choose my ring LOL), but I just did not know when he was actually going to do it.  It was December 5, 2014 and it was a cold rainy day, and on top of that I had a nasty cold.  I had a long and exhausting day at work and just couldn’t wait to get home and sleep!  The last thing I had on my mind was that I would be engaged that night!  The entire time I did not know that Jim had spent that afternoon at my parents asking my dad’s for permission to marry me 🙂  As I am walking in the door to our apartment that night I noticed that there was a light on (I usually get home before Jim so it was strange).  I kept walking into the apartment and started noticing the bouquets of red roses everywhere leading up to our living room and eventually I see Jim on one knee holding a ring and asking me to marry him…we both cried and it oh so perfect.”  OMG!! ♥


“We wanted our wedding to be a big fun party without any stress and too much traditional stuff.  I always loved the more industrial looking venues and when we saw the Roundhouse we just new it was perfect the moment we stepped out of the car, heard the waterfalls, and then saw the amazing venue inside.  The Roundhouse was the first and only venue we visited.  Once we booked the Roundhouse then everything else fell into place.  My wedding dress was the same way; I had seen pictures of it online and it was the first dress I tried on and it was perfect.  I tried on other dresses to make sure, but I just knew it was the one.  The rest of the wedding planning was very stress free and organized.  If I were to give one advise to other brides is to book all of the vendors early on so that you can then focus on all the little details that will make your wedding special and memorable as we did.  We focused on making it a great fun night for all of our guests and it was SO MUCH better than we could have ever imagined.  We are still grateful to all of our vendors who were beyond amazing and made our wedding that much more special.  Finally, we felt like we won the lotto when we found Caitlinn and Brian to be our amazing photographers.  When we met you guys we instantly knew it was the perfect match and then when saw our pictures. We are still grateful to this day that we get to have the most amazing photographs to document our day.   Thank you both!!”

^^ Hearing and reading things like that make what we do so much more fulfilling and meaningful that we already think it is.  We adore you two.  Here is the eye candy to show just how gorgeously everything came together for their wedding day.  Forewarning – we took a A LOT of photographs of Jen’s Jimmy Choo shoes because we just could not get enough of them.

Christmas Carolers!!!  Yay Beacon, NY!  The EV Band is one of the most talented and lovely group of musicians.  They flew this guitar player in from Dominican Republic just for their wedding and Jennifer’s family went nuts.  Their singer was also from D.R. and completely blew us away.  Every single person was up and dancing during their reception.  Even her family members got to join in with the band  – see below.

Venue, Caterer, Cake, and Planning – The Roundhouse

Dress – Inbal Dror

Veil – Etsy – Veiled Beauty

Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Suit – Custom tuxedo from My.Suit

Dress Shop – Wedding Salon of Manhassett

Grooms Tux – they wore their own Tuxedos

Bridesmaids Dresses – Rent the Runway

Hair – Baby Breath Bridal Services

Make Up – Monica Ortega – Beauty Art By Monik

Florals – Forever in Bloom

Band – EV Band

Invitations – Etsy – Shine Paper and Press

Rings – Julius Klein

Videography – NST Pictures