Jamie & Dale’s wedding took place on the most beautiful September day.  A true power couple who knew what they wanted in every aspect of their wedding day – everything was absolutely gorgeous and went together so well.  From her dress, to his tux, the bridesmaid’s dresses, the location location location, and the decor that was thought through every last detail.

They were engaged in Paris & married in a castle.  What more can we say?

How they met:

Dale and Jamie met in the summer of 2007 at the classy-establishment known as Front Street on the Newburgh Waterfront through mutual friends.  Dale was trying to impress Jamie by buying her drinks, but she was also trying to be an “independent woman,” and tried to buy him drinks instead.  At the end of the night Dale bought Jamie a yellow rose from a little Asian woman selling them inside of the bar.  Little did they know, the same yellow rose would be in all of her future flower bouquets, including her wedding moving forward.  Dale told his mom he met the girl he was going to marry, Jamie said they would talk again soon.

Throughout the next year and a half, Dale invited Jamie to a Yankee Game with prime seating and wait staff, took her to the best restaurants in NYC, brought her Christmas cookies from his work party 2 hours away, purchased a million jager bombs on her 21st birthday, and was a true romantic.  Once Jamie graduated college, she realized that Dale was the real deal and knew that they were a great match, they started dating September 2009.

Throughout the years (dating in your early 20’s is surprisingly young now-a-days), they grew up together, both as individuals and as a team supporting each other from a personal and professional growth aspect which made them a true “power-couple.”  They shared many of the same interests and numerous firsts which included job interviews, adopting 4 animals from shelters, traveling to over at least 9 countries and top locations throughout the US, living in their first Manhattan apartment together on the UES, purchasing their first home and getting engaged in Paris…

Their engagement:

Paris: Jamie was most excited to see the Locks of Love Bridge, so Dale decided that was the spot.  They dropped off their stuff in the room and headed out.  When they got to the bridge Dale asked a woman to take a picture of them.  He wrote a note on the phone that said “I’m going to propose.”  He got on one knee and the woman took about 100 photos.  It was surreal.  The only words he got out were “So, now you are stuck with me… Will you marry me?”  The celebrated at Laduree with macarons and champagne, followed by running around the Christmas markets drinking hot wine in both Paris and Barcelona.  It was magical.  They barely had any cell-phone service, it was just the two of them having a blast afar.

Wedding planning:

Planning a wedding is not the easiest venture today, especially for two over-achievers who want everything to be perfect and aligned to their vision 100%.  The most important thing for Dale and Jamie was to stay true to their hearts and have their wedding be exactly who they were:  Two people who love to party and host parties, have a go big or go home attitude, have a deep passion for music (resulting in a house music set of 30 minutes at the end and a sneak preview of DMX Party Up (unedited)), have a soft spot for classic strings (walking down the aisle to Aerosmith), and cherish family and friends above everything (Hence the 10+ bridal party on each side).

They went to over 10 different Homegoods in the tri-state area to collect 15 specific metallic gold-vases and several sized candelabras.  They stayed up until all hours of the night to ensure all of their details came to life (from what time they wanted the DJ to cut the song by watching you-tube videos to bathroom mint canisters to door-hangers at the hotel). One of their favorite customizations was their gold cake with their topper “Better Together,” their original song and a black lab on it for their fur-daughter Holly who Caitlinn let them have a photo shoot with 2 hours before getting ready at the venue!

Wedding Day & Advice:

Being surrounded by family and friends who have meant the world to you throughout different stages in your life in one room, to celebrate you, is a feeling that comes and goes so quickly, but is a feeling that nothing else will ever compare to.  It’s been said that your wedding is one of the best days of your life, it truly is!  The best advice we would give to someone getting married is take everyone’s advice as a grain of salt.  Be true to yourselves and have fun.  Dance the night away.  If you want to wear blue shoes and Beyonce-esque hair extensions instead of a veil do it.  Traditions are traditions throughout the years, but the most meaningful traditions start between you and the person you love from this day forward.

Fun fact: We trampled through a sea of prickers to get the first shot you see below.



Venue : Whitby Castle

Dress : Maggie Sottero

Bride & Bridemaid’s Dress Shop : Lady Gray – Beacon, NY

Tux : Vera Wang

Shoes : Kenneth Cole

Socks : J.Crew

Jewelry : Elizabeth Cole & Kate Spade

Clutch : Kate Spade

Bridesmaid’s Jewelry : Kate Spade

Hair : Lulu’s Hair Studio – Islip, NY

Make Up : The Bride!

Flowers : The Flower Barn

String Trio : Capriccio Ensemble

Decor : Home Goods & Etsy  – Put together and curated by the Bride & Groom!

DJ : Enriquez Entertainment