Caitlin + Shaun are two beautiful humans inside and out. They live for adventure, and bring that out so magically in one another. During their engagement shoot Shaun basically saved me when I fell into a frozen waterfall. To say we adore them both would be a huge understatement.

Their wedding day was a bohemian dream, in the mountains of Central New York at Gilbertsville Farmhouse where these Philadelphia natives, along with their friends and family got to enjoy glamping at it’s finest.

Here is their love and wedding story in their words :

How/where did you meet?

We met living together as roommates! After I graduated college I was dying to move out of my parents’ house. My friend from college asked if I wanted to live with him and 2 other guys. Without hesitation I said yes. Ever see New Girl? That was my life, living with 3 guys. Shaun was their childhood friend, had known each other their whole lives. He was one of the other roommates who ended up being my “Nick”. About halfway through our lease Shaun asked me to be his girlfriend. Now we joke about living together before we even knew each other.  

How did he propose?

We took a trip out west to Oregon and Washington.  We were on a hike in Bellingham, Washington, just the two of us. When we reached the summit I sat on the edge of the ridge, Shaun took a walk around taking photos. Afterwards I found out he was trying to find the perfect spot. Then suddenly I turned around and there he was knelt behind me. There was no one around, at the top of a mountain, and despite sweating in just my sports bra it was the most romantic moment of my life.

How long was your engagement and why?

A year and a half because we found a venue we loved and decided to wait for. It was an outdoor ceremony only available from May-October. Since the fall was booked we decided to wait it out until the spring. Totally worth it.

How did you both know you wanted to get married? Was there a particular moment? 

Over the years we dated we went on a lot of trips together, especially camping in National Parks. On those trips we would see older couples in their RVs, sitting by the fire just talking, and we would say “that’s gonna be us one day”.

Where are you now? What are your future goals and dreams as a now married couple?

Now we are married, and just bought our first house! Hopefully we’ll have some little babes that we can take on all our adventures together, and eventually be the old couple in the RV.

What were your favorite memories from the day? 

Mine was walking up the grass hill with my Dad to see Shaun for the first time. He says his favorite memory was seeing me walking down the aisle for the first time.

What was your inspiration behind the day? 

We wanted an outdoor venue, that felt true to our outdoor/adventurous spirits. We said our vows overlooking the mountains, played lawn games, and “glamped” in a beautiful tent on our wedding night.

If you had some advice for brides planning now, what would it be?

Do what makes you happy. Don’t stress about sticking to the “norms” or what people expect of a traditional wedding. We traveled 5 hours because of the feeling we got when being at Gilbertsville Farmhouse. We had messy BBQ food because that’s what we love. I wore flats because I wanted to be comfortable. My Dad and I didn’t dance to a slow song because that’s just not our style. Make your day exactly how you want it.

These photographs were edited with our NOMAD PRESETS.

Location : Gilbertsville Farm House / Make-up Artists: Painted Bow Beauty / Hair Artists : Tangles Hair Salon / Dress Designer Lovers Society / Dress Shop Lovely Bride (Philadelphia) / Suit Designer Indochino / Florist Wild and Free Floral Design / Limo/Transportation Bernie Bus Company / Catering Company Cowboy BBQ / DJ Eric Whin, Experience Events / Stationery Minted