First of all I want to start this post by making it very clear that these two human being are the kind of people that make you regain faith in humanity and love in general.  It is an honor to know them and consider them friends.  I met Christina in one of the many required photography classes in college and we instantly became buds.  She was an art education major and I was a photography major.  Anyone who is a major in the arts knows that having a friend to go through those classes with really makes life better – art critiques can be rough no matter what the medium may be.

I had always heard about Steve – her long term super sweet boyfriend with great hair and was always so happy for them.  It wasn’t until years later that I finally met him at a wedding I was photographing and they were both attending.  When I met him I totally understood why she had always described him the way she did.  He is indeed and super positive, caring, and wonderful guy – with great hair.  Knowing that two amazing human beings are together and so good for each other is one of my absolute favorite things about doing what we do.

Here is their story in the groom’s words :

“Christina and I went to high school together in East Fishkill and lived a neighborhood over from each other. Even though we did not have any mutual friends at the time, we both wound up catching each other’s eye in a gym class in junior year. We wound up meeting each other and began to occasionally spend time together over that summer, but it never really evolved beyond that.

It wasn’t until a few years later in college that Christina made an unexpected effort to reconnect. This time around, we immediately seemed to click and quickly began to spend a lot of time together (she claimed it was my amazingly awesome hair that drew her back in), and eventually began dating. Over the next few years, we really had a lot of fun together, getting to know each other’s families and spending a lot of fun times with friends. We also both worked really hard and supported each other while we each finished college. Another few years later we had both started our careers, and while life was sometimes hectic and exhausting, we remained positive and supportive and were proud of the progress that we had made together.

After being patient for years, we finally felt like we were in a place in our lives where we wanted to get married. After a few months of planning and preparation, I arranged a weekend trip for us to Montauk to try surfing lessons. We both had a great time and caught a few waves (mostly me). On the drive back from the lesson, I spotted an empty section of beach along the coast, and pulled the truck out onto it. We stepped out onto the sand and I surprised her by proposing. We were so excited and happy; it had been a long time coming. We both agreed on a short engagement, and got married eight months later.

We were both really thrilled with how our wedding day turned out. Hollow Brook was a fantastic venue; it was exactly what we were looking for. It was a unique location with a rustic character, that had both indoor and outdoor elements. We loved our wedding band, the Metropolitan Players – they made the event really fun. We were fortunate to have secured a number of excellent vendors, include Caitlinn Ramsden!!! A year later we are still reminiscing about our wedding day and how much fun it was. We are both glad that we were patient and picky. Good things are worth waiting for.”

How amazing does a proposal after surf lessons in Montauk sound?  Like heaven.

Their wedding was a complete and total celebration of their love.  They had a gorgeous sunny day with spirits high, wild flowers blooming, and a party most definitely worth attending. (See for yourself below.)  The bride designed her own stationary – hand painted water color.  Annaliese & Co with Make up by Marriessa brought their hair and make up A-game per the usual.  Christina had Toms custom stitched for herself and all her bridesmaids and the bridesmaid’s dresses were separate top & skirts – a total magical surprise.

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Location : Hollow Brook Golf Club // Dress : Robert Bullock // Hair : Annaliese & Co // Make Up : Make Up by Marriessa // Dress Shop : Be Unique Boutique // Suits : Vera Wang // Florals : Dykstra’s Florist // Band : Metropolitan Players // Hand Painted Champagne Glasses : Love Lee Glass // Shoes : Toms // Groom’s Shoes : Steve Madden // Two-Piece Bridesmaid Dresses : Joanna August //