Ali & Andrew are such a wonderful example of your wedding day being a totally euphoric experience.  Two truly kindred spirits – they are both silly, fun, and thankful for one another.  They laughed, smiled ear to ear, and danced together as often as they could.  I cannot emphasize enough – the pure joy that radiated from them the entire day.  It was such an honor to meet them on a personal level and a total pleasure documenting them as well.

It is so secret that we absolutely adore The Roundhouse.  I (Caitlinn) grew up in Beacon, NY and passed the ruins that these buildings once were every day on my walk to elementary school.  I have skipped more rocks that I can count in this creek right before the crest of Beacon Falls. The metamorphosis of these structures was another pivotal point in the artistic Renaissance of my hometown. Bob McAlpine and his family truly created almost a new heart for this town and I am so thankful that they have.  This space fits seamlessly into this once derelict factory town that is now a cultural hub for all who wonder north of Manhattan and all those who were already here.

Dan Rowland, floral genius behind Dramatic Innovation, is a true artist and a totally magical human being in general.  You will see from the plethora of floral images that I 100% fell head over heels in love with all that he created for their soiree.  See below.


  • Ali & Andrew – their personalities and love for each other.
  • LOCATION – Boutique Hotel, the falls, event space, surrounding town charm, OH MY
  • Flowers
  • Uplighting by Shindig Lighting
  • Industrial Surroundings
  • Her Vera Wang dress & Obi
  • The ridiculous amount of FUN had by all.  (Including me.)

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